Enhance Your iPhone 12Promax Experience with DEJI® 4410mAh High Capacity Battery in Pakistan


Key Features:

  • Compatible with iPhone 12Promax
  • Extended battery life for more hours of usage
  • Ideal for gaming, social networking, video streaming, and study sessions
  • Long Lasting & High Capacity Battery for your iPhone
  • Nationwide Free Delivery in Pakistan

Features & Compatibility

Enhance your iPhone 12 Pro Max experience with the DEJI® 4410mAh High Capacity Battery, now available in Pakistan!

Are you tired of dealing with the fast battery depletion on your iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Introducing the DEJI® High Capacity Battery, a revolutionary solution for iPhone enthusiasts in Pakistan. With an impressive 4410mAh capacity, this battery seamlessly integrates with iPhone 12 Pro Max devices, outperforming factory batteries and providing extended usage for activities like gaming, socializing, video watching, and studying.


🔋 Brand: DEJI

🔋 Model: High Capacity iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery

🔋 Capacity: 4410mAh

🔋 Safety: Dual ICs protection

🔋 Material: Eco-friendly

Why Opt for DEJI? 🚀

Exceptional performance with over 550 charging cycles

🌐 Wide compatibility designed specifically for iPhone 12 Pro Max

💼 Outstanding value at an affordable price

🌿 Environmentally conscious materials for a sustainable choice

Package Contents:

📦 1 x iPhone 12 Pro Max super long-life battery

Upgrade your iPhone 12 Pro Max with DEJI’s High Capacity Battery today! Take advantage of extended usage and reliable performance.

Order now for Free Delivery All Over Pakistan and feel the difference!

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